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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Review: Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao by Kat Zhang

Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao
By Kat Zhang 
Illustrated by Charlene Chua 
Simon & Schuster 

Meet the funny, fierce, and fearless Amy Wu, who is determined to make a perfect bao bun today. Can she rise to the occasion? 

Amy loves to make bao with her family. But it takes skill to make the bao taste and look delicious. And her bao keep coming out all wrong. 

Then she has an idea that may give her a second chance…Will Amy ever make the perfect bao? 

In Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao, Amy Wu wants to make the perfect bao, but she can’t do it. She practices and practices and practices until she gets it right with the help of her dad, mom, and grandma. 


I really love this book! I love the dumpling pictures, the pink in her grandma’s hair, and the character of Amy. The author, Kat Zhang does an amazing job of creating the story and showing Amy’s emotions. This book taught me to always keep trying and never give up. 


The illustrations are awesome! I love the colors and how they show each step of making the baos. And there’s a recipe at the end of the book, which is really cool and helped me and my grandma make dumplings. 


I think everyone should read this book and I’m so excited to read the next Amy Wu book! 

I give this book

Me making bao using the recipe in the book!

Kat Zhang loves traveling to places both real and fictional—the former have better souvenirs, but the latter allow for dragons, so it’s a tough pick. A graduate of Vanderbilt University, she now spends her free time scribbling poetry, taking photographs, and climbing atop things she shouldn’t. You can learn about her travels, literary and otherwise, at KatZhangWriter.com. 


  1. Lovely review Little A and the Bao looks yummy.

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